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How to choose the best suitable Cloud?

What could be the finest choice among Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform for your enterprise?
Not only comparing prices is not enough when it comes to choosing your cloud vendor, but it is complicated too. Cloud vendors offer a variety of cloud models and separate discounting schemes. AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform lay out various offers with regards to the different use cases…read more

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Top mistakes to avoid during Cloud Adoption

“Cloud adoption is easy and secure.”- Really? How easy and How secure?
Having said that, no one really wants to spend their time maintaining physical servers and managing their tangled workload when they can use that time to build something profitable. Hence, Cloud Computing comes into the light. It has enabled large enterprises to switch from physical servers to virtual machines entirely. However, migration to the cloud is not as simple as it seems and very often organizations make mistakes along the way which are likely to produce undesirable results…read more

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Cloud Cost Management: Hard Work or Smart Work?

In this contemporary world, cloud cost has emerged as a conundrum. Technical gurus have been working their minds off to understand the unexpected hikes, the trends it is going to follow, the best tools for Cloud Cost Management and so on. In hindsight, the amount spent on cloud often comes out to be the most at the end of the year and it is only fair for enterprises that it pays off. However, after spending this lot of money, even a little percentage of cost saved stretches far… read more


Centilytics inscribes a milestone as a StartX Company

It was 2011 when this Stanford graduate, Cameron Teitelman founded an educational nonprofit accelerator called “StartX” with an altruistic twist out of his “nurture-over-nature”. StartX was born out of an experimental project of Teitelman’s that soon became an elite Silicon Valley accelerator providing promising student and alumni entrepreneurs of Stanford with all the resources and support they need to succeed in their ventures and build the next big thing… read more

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Top Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

Increasing popularity for public and private clouds arises a demand for applications to be built on hybrid clouds. Businesses are looking for budget-friendly cloud pricing. Usage of hybrid clouds can help achieve this through optimal resource utilization. We can expect increased use of containers to configure hybrid clouds. Moreover, their ability to provide enhanced data security and architectural flexibility is making them a preferred option… read more