AWS Cost Optimization

Ways to Optimize AWS Cost

It’s a known fact that moving to Amazon Web Services (AWS) can provide huge benefits in agility, responsiveness, simplified operations and improved innovation, but many mistakenly assume that migrating to the public cloud will lead to cost savings. In reality, cost saving is harder than you think as the organizations need to implement management, governance, and automation to combat easily rising cloud costs. Otherwise, you won’t even have the slightest idea until the bill actually hits you. Here are some commonly practiced strategies that can help you achieve AWS Cost Optimization… read more

Serverless Architecture

Why Serverless Architecture Stands out as The Game Changer

If you have been dozing under a rock for last few years, Serverless Architecture is your next big step to take in the journey from physical hosting to deploying software or code on the cloud. Following a logical progression from monoliths to microservices, serverless architecture sees the big future through fine-grained, event-driven functions.

For some might relate serverless with microservices-based applications but, it is a further breakdown of applications. For every action you make, there is a function focused on an even smaller scope of application logic than that of microservices.

Serverless computing is a computational model where no dedicated servers or VMs needs to be up and running on your premises 24×7. It is the Cloud provider you choose, that takes care of everything; from VMs to the underlying infrastructure, orchestration, and automation required to support any type of applications and run a voluminous number of events… read more

Cloud Cost Management

Tagging Strategies in AWS

If we are talking AWS and its cloud services today, we will probably be talking tomorrow as well……and the discussion never ends. Every time customers feel the need for a particular service or feature, AWS pulls the rabbit out of its hat. As their workloads, resources and infrastructure services keep on mounting, organizations need to scale their cloud environment just in time. Managing and organizing such a vast array of cloud resources then becomes the real challenge… read more

Cloud Cost Management

Why Cost Management for your Cloud is Beyond Essential

“The essentiality of cost management” itself becomes demystifying when it comes to leveraging the cloud. In an AWS-dominated cloud world where on-demand and pay-as-you-go pricing models sound reassuring, the newbies entering the Cloud make it obvious for themselves to spiral their cloud costs out of control.
But wait! Enterprise IT initiatives are not the only ones that mess up their cloud cost management…. read more