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“Reserved Instances” is your first big step to AWS Cost Optimization

Reserved Instances (RIs) are one of the most perplexing yet a great option for AWS Cost Optimization. Reserving your most utilized instances for a time period of 1 year or 3 years can save you up to 70-75% on what you pay for on-demand instances… read more

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AWS Cost Optimization with Reserved Instances

If you own a business and are leveraging cloud computing, your business is bound to grow but, so will your cloud computing bills. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a solution to the growing cloud computing bills; the concept of Reserved Instances (RIs). The whole concept of reserved instances can be explained as making a commitment to AWS to utilize specific instance type for a certain time period and as a result, you get good discounts on your cloud computing costs.

A reserved instance can be described as reserving resource and capacity for a particular time and a particular region within a certain availability zone. When you commit to paying for all the hours for a specific time period say 3 years, purchasing a reserved the hourly rate is significantly lowered and also ensures that the capacity is reserved for you in that particular availability zone… read more