AWS Billing

AWS Billing Tools; Your Next Big Step Towards Cloud Management

Cloud Billing Tools enable the review and optimization of the present and future AWS cloud expenses. AWS Billing Tools prove to be more competent in dissecting the output provided by Amazon Web Services. Due to the market being in its initial phase, the adoption rate is hard to foretell. The landscape of the cloud computing is also growing rapidly. But a rapid development in AWS billing analytics is expected in near future. Adoption rate also tends to grow with the expansion of AWS Billing Tools… read more

AWS Billing

Co-existence of Cloud Billing Tools and Public Cloud Providers

The organizations which are thriving with the various Cloud Billing Tools are mostly those with a strong management body. Risks are inevitable when it comes to the accession of cloud services. Hence, it is crucial to realize early on that cloud services must have policy enforcement. Quality attributes like standards, process design, and service delivery should be focused upon. Enterprises have often decided to treat public cloud providers as commodity infrastructure.

What challenges this methodology is a fact that Public Cloud providers like AWS are mixing IaaS and PaaS and encouraging customers to rely more and more on native tools. This needs cloud management platforms like various AWS Billing Tools to facilitate two functionalities, i.e. in some cases, users should be restricted on what they could access, and in other cases, allowed to use whatever they want.

Implementing cloud management tooling is a daunting task for many organizations because either they lack skills to adjust to new standards and procedures or they do not possess strong management infrastructure. This proves to be a major setback for tools such as AWS Billing Analytics tools, the likes of which are competent enough to carry forward multi-functionality tooling.

Merchants have put forward capabilities to enable transparency and management operations for users that use the original functionality of the cloud provider. This creates a new entry-point for merchants into newly found organizations. It also provides them with an opportunity to expand as new cloud initiatives and flourish in the same direction.

AWS Billing · Reserve Instance

AWS Cost Optimization with Reserved Instances

If you own a business and are leveraging cloud computing, your business is bound to grow but, so will your cloud computing bills. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a solution to the growing cloud computing bills; the concept of Reserved Instances (RIs). The whole concept of reserved instances can be explained as making a commitment to AWS to utilize specific instance type for a certain time period and as a result, you get good discounts on your cloud computing costs.

A reserved instance can be described as reserving resource and capacity for a particular time and a particular region within a certain availability zone. When you commit to paying for all the hours for a specific time period say 3 years, purchasing a reserved the hourly rate is significantly lowered and also ensures that the capacity is reserved for you in that particular availability zone… read more