AWS Cost Optimization

Gartner’s IaaS Magic Quadrant for 2017 implies AWS and Azure as Top Leaders

Gartner recently released its IaaS Magic Quadrant for 2017 outlining, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure as clear Leaders in the infrastructure-as-a-service space.

Google Cloud, on the other hand, made it to the third position trailing behind AWS and Microsoft Azure, placed on top of the Visionary quadrant. But, the curiosity remains; will Google Cloud cross the Visionary border and step its foot on the Leaders quadrant… read more

AWS Billing · Reserve Instance

AWS Cost Optimization with Reserved Instances

If you own a business and are leveraging cloud computing, your business is bound to grow but, so will your cloud computing bills. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a solution to the growing cloud computing bills; the concept of Reserved Instances (RIs). The whole concept of reserved instances can be explained as making a commitment to AWS to utilize specific instance type for a certain time period and as a result, you get good discounts on your cloud computing costs.

A reserved instance can be described as reserving resource and capacity for a particular time and a particular region within a certain availability zone. When you commit to paying for all the hours for a specific time period say 3 years, purchasing a reserved the hourly rate is significantly lowered and also ensures that the capacity is reserved for you in that particular availability zone… read more

Data Transfer Costs

Data Transfer Costs; Everything You Need To Know

In the cloud-dominated the world of AWS, a vast array of cloud services and pricing models are available to choose from. Though AWS lets you pick the services that best fit your IT landscape, organizations quickly end up with complex, tangled cloud bills; data transfer costs for instance, contributing up to 30% to the total cost.

But, as they say, being pampered for choice and variety has its own downside, so is true for the Cloud… read more