Cloud Management Platforms

Top Cloud Computing Predictions for 2018

Increasing popularity for public and private clouds arises a demand for applications to be built on hybrid clouds. Businesses are looking for budget-friendly cloud pricing. Usage of hybrid clouds can help achieve this through optimal resource utilization. We can expect increased use of containers to configure hybrid clouds. Moreover, their ability to provide enhanced data security and architectural flexibility is making them a preferred option… read more

Cloud Cost Management

Emergence of Cloud Management Tools & Platforms

The only parameter important while migrating to a public cloud is data security. With the emergence of cloud and Cloud Management Tools, the credibility in the security of public cloud increased among users. However, it is not the case with all of the users and on-premises data storage is considered safer by them. This lack of trust is widespread, unfortunately… read more

Cloud Cost Management

Put Your Cloud Cost Management & Cloud Cost Optimization Strategies in Place

In order to seek a secure, minimal maintenance option for Cloud Cost Management and Cloud Cost Optimization, enterprises are likely to migrate to the public cloud. A seamless cloud migration strategy with the use of proper Cloud Management Tools and metrics play a crucial role in satisfying the need for an optimum amount and exact type of cloud resources, ensuring an optimum cost at the same time… read more