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A Cloud Management Platform that would make more sense to your organization

By far, most of the enterprises today are laying down a multi-cloud strategy that will incorporate a portfolio of public and private cloud adoptions. There is an extensive variety of business prerequisites that drive the necessity for a heterogeneous range of cloud resource pools including cost, geographic factors, features, and existing investments. For instance, an enterprise may have teams utilizing AWS and Azure and other groups utilizing VMware vSphere to address the issues of various applications and meet business objectives.

A cloud management platform (CMP) should make it considerably less demanding and faster for users running a big, small or medium-sized business to get completely configured stacks or applications in public or private clouds by means of a simple to-utilize interface without giving up the granular visibility, governance, and control.

In this multi-cloud era, organizations are searching for approaches to multi-cloud brokering and management of cloud applications and services from an all-in-one platform.

Centilytics, in that case, suffices this requirement of cloud management platform and helps enterprises manage all of their clouds within a single pane of glass.

The Centilytics Cloud Management Platform empowers you to deliver self-service provisioning and control to your cloud users or consumers, govern, manage, and secure all your cloud applications from a single console, and track & optimize your cloud consumption and costs.

An efficient cloud management platform can transform your IT organization and help you:

  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Improve the efficiency of your staff and IT infrastructure
  • Expand markets into new geographies and with new competencies
  • Optimize their investment in the cloud(s) for increased and the best ROI
  • Minimize or eliminate risks with complete control and continuity of your mission-critical workloads running in the cloud
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Embrace Cloud Management Practice to Know How Much You are Wasting

A standout amongst the most mainstream themes for cloud users is how to cut dollars from their cloud bills i.e. cloud cost management and optimization. Our ongoing article on how to choose the best suitable cloud, comparing AWS vs. Azure vs. Google Cloud was a crowd’s top pick. Nevertheless, it is equally important to focus on your AWS cost management or on your cost optimization of whichever clouds you choose to utilize.

However, even as cloud utilization keeps on accelerating, IT teams of organizations are as still dealing with heterogeneous infrastructure conditions. They have a diverse arrangement of on-premises and hosted assets that traverse through bare-metal servers and virtualized environments including public and private clouds. Another layer of cloud management complexity for IT teams keeps on adding as they hope to catch the significant advantages that can originate from the use of ever-evolving and new cloud services.

An efficient cloud management platform should primarily be concerned about and possess the ability to help cloud users better manage, secure, and streamline their operations across any cloud, any server, or any container to ultimately shred unnecessary costs.

Centilytics is one such platform that gives organizations using public clouds, an in-depth understanding and detailed insights into their cloud consumption, including security recommendations, health checks and budget alerts to achieve governance across their entire infrastructure. With over 500 tag-based reports and 250+ checks, Centilytics helps you optimize your resource utilization and take your cloud cost & security management strategy a level up.

Should you choose to realize the true potential of your cloud using this cloud management platformstart a 14 days free trial today.

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Is Azure on its path to scale AWS market share?

A conundrum which often emerges in the world of Cloud Computing is ‘What is better among AWS and Azure?’ and ‘Whether Azure on its path to overthrow AWS?’ A whopping 98% increase in Azure revenues is reported in the recent running heads. Whereas only 45% revenue increase is observed in the case of AWS in the past year. However, comparing percentage increase in revenue of Azure and AWS is like comparing apples and oranges…read more

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Qualms About a Secure Cloud Management Platform? Centilytics Got You Covered

If you ever thought about security as one of the main pillars in terms of cloud management services, you got that one right. And as far as any fears go, about your data’s safety on our servers, we have got you the perfectly crisp digest to make sure those qualms subside away. Centilytics is a company dedicated to providing quality service for our clients, and we are here to show how secure your data is with us…read more

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Cloud Myths 102

A cloud strategy should be in alignment with business goals and expected benefits, which are different for different use cases. Cloud services are vast and go across various levels, models, scope, and applications. Therefore, unlike what is supposed very commonly, it is not necessary to have one cloud strategy. It is said that “Myths are a waste of time, they prevent progression and rightfully so, it is extremely important to get all the facts straight in order to build a strong foundation before you build on the cloud…read more

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Cloud Myths 101

“Don’t believe everything you hear” – This statement basically fits in everywhere, even when we talk about cloud computing. A lot of IT personnel fall prey to information which more often than not, come out as either false or incomplete…read more